Ausure Macarthur Services

No matter what your business, Ausure Macarthur provide expert advice on a variety of products suitable to your needs. 

At Ausure Macarthur, we do more than simply provide you with a commercial general insurance policy. As your full service broker, we ensure you always receive the very best value premiums – and are adequately protected - year in, year out.


Professional Advice

Our extensive industry experience means we understand your industry and the risks associated with it. That's why we can offer expert advice on risk management, policy wordings, and the right policy for your business.


Appropriate and Cost-Effective Policies

When finding the best policy for your business, we always consider your risks and exposures, policy terms and conditions and exclusions to ensure you receive adequate and cost-effective cover.  


Insurance Program Management

From start to finish we manage your entire insurance program – including tending to any enquiries, policy endorsements, lapses and cancellations.


Claims Handling

In the unfortunate event of a claim, Ausure’s professional team will ensure the claims process is fast, simple and as stress-free as possible.


Periodic Reviews

Throughout your policy, we will review your business and insurance program to ensure it remains suitable as your business risk & exposure changes


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